Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Long Day!

Today was the second move in day, but also the largest move in day.  Yesterday just the student leaders (prefects, RAs, head tour guides, orientation leaders) and the international students moved in, but today it was EVERYONE else!  The morning actually was fairly uneventful, I spent a great deal of time reminding myself that I am no longer Amy but now Miss Paulekas, which takes a lot of concentration to change your name after 22 years.  We have an exciting group of over 45 students in Bourne ranging from freshmen to juniors from all over the world and United States including, Spain, South Carolina, Japan, and Connecticut.

If there was one thing that I took away from my interview at Gunnery last April it was how friendly and welcoming this campus truly is.  That was exuded at its finest today as the RAs helped to carry clothes and such up and down the stairs in the rain, all the while with huge welcoming smiles on their faces.  The new students were surprisingly outgoing as I saw many introducing themselves to others, including one who was ready to say good bye to Mom way before Mom was ready to go.

After move in today we had orientation, which was held outside regardless of the fact that the ground was wet outside.  With stations and lots of enthusiastic orientation leaders and prefects, the orientation was a success and I am sure that several of the new students made some great friends this afternoon.

The long day just continued with athletic meetings where the boys crew team had 39 boys come interested in doing crew!  While this is exciting it is also a bit overwhelming as I am not sure we will have enough boats for all of them.  On the girls side they had a solid showing of 17 girls.  This year the Gunnery has more girls than ever before enrolled in the school, so there are a great deal of people interested to see how the athletics will level off as some of the teams will have to make cuts this fall.

The final event of the day was a dorm meeting, this was really just a general overview of how dorm life will go and introductions of the dorm parents and RAs.  I am really excited about this year and cannot wait to get to know each and every one of these girls.  I can already tell that there are some truly amazing students at this school and I am looking forward to teaching, coaching, advising, and living with everyone in this great Gunnery family.

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